A Cut Above Tree Services Inc.
Roger Willet,Owner/Climber
Bowditch Ford Inc.
11076 Warwick Blvd.,
Newport News, VA, 23601
Primary Phone: (757)  595-2211
Primary Fax: (757) 591-9617
Courthouse Construction,Inc.
A member of the Design-Build Institute of America
P.O.Box 2058 Gloucester, VA 23061
800-284-5373 /804-693-6750
FAX: 804-693-0026
Thomas and Thomas Drywall
Drywall and Metal Stud Framing
Gid Ceilings, Painting, Patches       
Residential or Commercial       
Licensed and Insured   
Cell: 757-876-5755 / Home: 757-596-0827         
911 Charlotte Dr, Newport News, Va. 23601
Bass Pro Shops
1972 Power Plant Parkway
Hampton, VA 23666
Phone: 757-262-5200
Shear Touch Salon & Spa
1700 Geo Wash Mem Hwy
Suite H
(757) 246-3010/ 9757) 636-6558
 9757) 636-6557
Complete Hair & Massage
Freedom Ford
Hampton, Va
(888) 228-1935
Wilcox Bait and Tackle
Serving the Penninsula For Over 40 Years
9501 Jefferson Ave. Newport News, Va
Archery Equipment, Indoor Range, Hunting and Fishing Headquarters
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